Are You a Side Sloucher or Side Hustler?

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sloucher versus hustlerI was having a conversation with a friend the other day about work.  This was more of the “how is work going” kind of talk, but then it morphed into my ever so popular side hustles.  Most of my friends know I work on the side. They just don’t know how hard I work ;).  When friends pry, I don’t mind spilling the beans.  They typically don’t understand how I can make money blogging, but that is not my problem.  I tell them the honest truth about it and how hard I work each and every night.  There is a ton of work going on in my household once my son goes to sleep.  My fingers are tamping down on plastic keys until midnight comes around.  While most think it is cool, they also think I work too much.  I do, but I have goals.  I’m a side hustler, baby!

I’m No Slouch

This particular conversation turned into what we do on the weekends and at nights.  My friend comes home, eats dinner, then relaxes in front of the TV or with Netflix on.  I, on the other hand, come home, play with son and hang out with my wife.  When my son goes to bed, my wife and I eat dinner.  Most nights I watch a little tube with her, but then when she heads off to bed, I get down to business.  I am a night person through and through.  I can run most nights easily past midnight and have no problems.  I am no morning person and don’t pretend to be one.  Unfortunately, my full time job calls me each and every morning during the week.

I have always been someone who works on the side. I get a thrill from building something from the ground up and it succeeding.  Not everything I do works well.  Hell, most things I do don’t work well, but I still keep going.  I never quit.  The reason?  I am determined to change my financial future with my actions today.  Only I have control over what happens to me financially.  If I want to be financially independent, then I have to make that happen.  I don’t count on winning the lottery (you can’t win if you don’t play) and I don’t plan on getting any windfalls.  I will be earning my financial independence one dollar at a time.

The Slouch Vs. The Hustler

I am not really calling my friend a slouch here.  That would be rude and he works quite hard during his work hours.  With the term “slouch” I am referring to wasting time watching TV when you can be making money.  I don’t mind watching television, but if I am, I will also be working on my computer. I multitask like the best of them.  All the time I spend on my computer is possible money in my pocket.  Yes, not everyone can make money on a computer, but the possibilities are growing. We show you how here on Sprout Wealth, along with traditional ways to earn more cheddar.

So, when you are sitting there watching what the real housewives of some place are bitching and complaining, I will be earning money.  When you are watching mind numbing commercials one after the other, I will be making money.  Do you see the trend here?  While some choose to relax after a day’s work, I choose to keep grinding it out.  While I am working hard now, I won’t be working hard in the future.  My hard work now will pay off sooner and I will be able to make financial steps to secure my independence before most.  I am not talking about retiring early.  I am just talking about having many options to choose from and picking what is best for me.  I work for money now, so money can work for me later.


So what about you?  Are you a sloucher or a hustler?

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  1. I am definitely a hustler, and I have always been one. I started working at 14 and have never stopped. One summer in college I worked 7 days a week between two jobs and never felt tired (ahh…the good ole days pre kids). I even worked 40 hours a week while going to school and managed to earn a 3.6 GPA. I hear you on the slouchers and not wanting to judge, and I don’t, unless they complain about not having money. Making money is not easy, but if you don’t put in any effort, then you can’t complain about not making it.
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Lemonade Stand Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  2. I certainly don’t consider myself a slouch, but I usually put the work away in the evenings. After dinner, I may do a little more work, but once my daughter is in bed, I spend time with my husband. We could be chatting, watching netflix, going over our budget, hanging out, whatever. I prefer to go to bed early and get up early. I do my best work in the a.m!
    Lauren recently posted…Christmas in JulyMy Profile

  3. Another hustler here but all of my work happens remotely at home (even primary job) – which is a great thing about working in tech! It takes a lot of self discipline and motivation at times but it works very well for me and is also a money saver in terms of not having to pay for commutes, work clothing, eating out, etc. I find sometimes from the outside, friends will think I am just a “sloucher” since I have the freedom to work from my pj’s!

  4. I go through phases – hardcore hustling then relaxing and slouching. I am happy with my balance right now, which is mostly slouching with a dash of hustle.

  5. I’m definitely more of a hustler now, but I used to be a slouch for sure. Nowadays, my wife and I will eat dinner, play with the dogs, and read for a little bit, but I’m like you. When she goes to sleep, I go to work, usually writing or working on the other side hustles I’ve got going or that I’m trying to get going. I’d rather know I gave it my all and failed than look back and realize I never really tried.
    Ryan @ Impersonal Finance recently posted…the right time to have childrenMy Profile

  6. I am the side hustler through and through. There are nights where I take the slouch route, but if I hadn’t been working so hard over the past few years I never would have been able to build the side business that I have today. I get home at night, I play with my son and eat dinner with my wife, and after my son goes to bed I get cracking on blog things until it’s late. It’s not always easy, but it has definitely been worth it!
    Peter recently posted…Best Android Apps For Improving Your FinancesMy Profile

  7. I’m all about hustling but I still find time to relax. A few months ago I did have a wake up call though. My wife and I were watching the Kardashian’s and I had to ask myself why we were wasting our time. We could be doing other things – like working to strengthen our relationship than watch this mindless dribble.
    Jon @ Money Smart Guides recently posted…5 Investing Lessons To Live ByMy Profile

  8. I’ve always been a hard worker and worked long hours as a professional. Now I’m a little burned out of working for free (salary) so during the day I do my job (which is pretty hectic) and then at night on my blog. So I guess I’m a hustler but maybe only a recently converted one!
    debs@debtdebs recently posted…Money Lessons in Marine LifeMy Profile

  9. Straight up hustler! I started delivering newspapers at the age of 13 and had a 170 house paper route! I haven’t stopped with the multiple sources of income since. I barely watch tv. Instead, I am usually working on side projects after I stop working my regular business hours in my consulting business that is done remotely. I do take the occasional time off because it’s sorely needed and I have zero intention of burning out.
    Kassandra recently posted…Montreal: Je Me SouviensMy Profile


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