4 Side Hustles that Help you Stay Active

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stay activeEveryone is trying to earn extra money these days. Thus, popular side hustles like freelance writing, graphic design and virtual assistant work are all becoming more competitive. While online side hustles can be very profitable and allow you to work location independently and have flexible hours, the one thing I dislike about having an online side hustle is being tied to a computer day in and day out.

If you work a full-time job at an office, then spend most of your spare time in front of the computer at home, you will have very little time to exercise and stretch your legs throughout the day. Staying active is important and very necessary the older you become. Establishing a side hustle that allows you to stay moving and make money may be the best solution.

Here are four money-making side hustles to consider.

Work as a Part-Time Mover

A lot of people dislike moving for various different reasons. However, if you got paid to help people move, would you feel different about it? If you don’t mind helping people move their belongings for cash, you can advertise your moving services online on sites like MoversCorp

This trusted site allows you to create an account and list your services free of charge, and choose your own service area and when you work. There are opportunities available in every state and you can set your own rates.
You can also see if any popular moving companies are willing to hire a contract worker or part-time employee to help on certain days. Of course the frequency of jobs you receive will be varied, but you’ll have the opportunity to make extra money by helping others through a busy time in their live and get a good workout in.

Become a Group Fitness Instructor

If you want to exercise for free or cheap and earn money at the same time, you should consider becoming a group fitness instructor. Group fitness instructors often have to undergo training and/or become certified, but the job doesn’t require any additional education and it can be a fun way to earn some extra money especially if you teach a class like yoga or Zumba.

Check with local gyms in your area, the YMCA, or the park district to see if they are in need of fitness instructors and ask how you can get started.


If you are a good swimmer, you can try lifeguarding. Lifeguards have flexible shifts, receive benefits and perks like free gym memberships – depending on who the employer is – and don’t just sit around all day. Lifeguards have to be trained and CPR certified.

Lifeguarding provides good seasonal work. While most work is available during the summer, there is also a need for indoor lifeguards year-round. If you’re interested in this type of side hustle, you should start looking now for a need in your community and securing connections before the busy summer season.

Coach or Referee

Another side hustle option that will help you stay active is doing anything involving sports. Coaching and refereeing first come to mind. Finding a coaching job may be tricky because most positions are for volunteers. Whether it’s basketball, baseball or hockey, the younger the division is, the more likely the position will be unpaid. To find paying coaching jobs, should look into higher-ed employers, traveling teams, and your local park district’s current openings.

Coaching as a side hustle can require quite a bit of time during days, evenings or weekends depending on the teams’ needs, but it’s a great option for someone who’s passionate about the particular sport and the idea of growing and improving a team.

When it comes to refereeing, it’s a bit easier to find paying positions. Referees can make anywhere from $12-18 per hour and are expected to know the rules of the game inside out and perform their job in the most ethical way. It’s an ideal option for someone who has free time during weekends which is when most games occur back to back. To find referee jobs in your area, check out sites like Indeed.com and Monster for job listings.


Have you had trouble staying active before as a result of work? What offline side hustles would you add to this list?

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  1. I used to coach high school cheerleading. You definitely don’t do it for the money – the hourly pay rate is very low. There is prep work and traveling, in addition to attending practices, games, and competitions. It can be rewarding, but not really financially so.


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