15 Side Hustles You Can Start With Little Money

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Side HustlesIf you’ve been a reader of Sprout Wealth for long, you know Grayson and I are both huge fans of side hustles. Not only do we think can they be a great way to earn extra money but they can also turn into nice little streams of income over time. Simply put, if you’re looking for a way to pay off debt, earn extra income, or make some money to invest in the stock market, a side hustle can be a great way to get started towards that goal.

You’d think with how side hustles can help you make more money that more people would be clamoring to find a new side gig. Interestingly, people commonly tell us they either don’t have the skills or don’t have the money to run a successful side gig. As long as you are willing to teach yourself new skills and are ready to put in the work, there’s no reason you can’t start a side hustle.

Side Hustles to Start With Little Money

If you’re looking for a side hustle you can start with little money, hopefully this list will get your creative juices flowing. It’s not exhaustive, but it should get you started.


1. Testing Websites – I have not done this, but Grayson wrote a post several months ago on how to make money testing websites and it seems like a decent way to earn a little extra income. As long as you have and know how to operate a computer you can do this with no financial need on your part. You won’t get rich quick, but you can make a little money on the side.

2. Freelance Writing – This is a broad side hustle with lots of opportunities. You can find writing gigs paying anywhere from $10 on up. Aside from a few simple resources, you can write for other sites, blogs, companies, etc. It’s important to remember that this will take time, but it can be done.

3. Pet Care – This side hustle possibility basically boils down to dog walking, but you can expand it if you want. Aside from a few leashes, which many owners might have, there’s little financial investment required on your part.

4. Tutoring – I spoke about this in my ways to make extra money this summer post and believe it shouldn’t be tied to one time of the year. You can tutor at any level from junior high to college level courses. Aside from a few materials, this can be a great side hustle to start if you have a wealth of knowledge in a certain area.

5. Babysitter – This is a classic side hustle. Aside from gas to drive to the given location there is nothing needed financially on this side gig. It’s a great way to make money if you get the right connections.

6. Housekeeper – Many people either don’t have the time to clean their house or hate doing it. You might need some cleaning supplies, but often times these will be provided by the owner of the house. If you have 10-15 extra hours per week this could be a great money maker.

7. House Sitter – When my family and I traveled to San Diego this summer we hired a house sitter since we were gone for three weeks. He was actually a friends’ college aged son. At $20 per day it was good money for him. Nothing was needed on his part. People are always traveling so this can also be a great side hustle to start with little money.

8. Editor – Remember the freelance writing above? Someone needs to edit it. Other than the same basic materials, you need very little in terms of money to start a side gig like this.

9. Coach – This can be a variety of things really, from athletics to more lifestyle oriented coaching. You might need to buy a uniform (in the case of an athletics coach), but likely won’t need much more than that.

10. Personal Shopper – I hate shopping, regardless of the kind it is. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. If you enjoy, or don’t particularly hate shopping, you can turn this into a side gig. Beyond time, the only other cost you might run into is gas – which you can bill into your hourly charge anyway. You can even make money shopping online if you don’t want to be a personal shopper. Sites like Swagbucks allow you to earn cash back for taking surveys, shopping online, using their search engine – plus a variety of other ways. Sign up for Swagbucks today and earn $5 sign-up bonus.

11. Get Cooking – Do you enjoy cooking? This can be a great way to make some extra money on the side. You might need a few utensils and gadgets to get started, but you likely already have many of them. You could also easily roll the cost of ingredients into the overall cost you’d be charging.

12. Gardener – This really could be a catch-all for doing yard work. Many love the idea of gardening, but lack the time or patience. You might need to advertise on Craigslist or in your neighborhood to get started, but outside of some basic tools you could make some nice money from the spring to fall.

13. Plan Events – This is one I wish I had the time to do myself. I planned a number of large scale events in college, as well as in my first real job. If you’re administratively gifted, you can make money at this with little upfront in terms of money. People all over the country are too busy or do not have the knowledge required to plan their own events. The end result is that they end up embarrassed because of the substandard events that they put on without assistance. This is where you come in, as you can organize their events from start to finish. This includes booking everything from the venue and caterer to hiring a guest speaker from Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau. As long as you have the ability to get everything that your clients need, you can make some decent money in this industry.

14. Photographer – Ok, this one may not qualify…really. However, if you like taking pictures, and you’re good at it, you can make good money being a photographer. We have a good family friend who started out as a photographer on the side and has turned it into a full business. You’ll need a camera, of course, but decent ones are much more reasonable today.

15. Professional Mover – This one might be a little more geared towards the spring or summer but it can be a great side gig to get started. As with #12, you may want to do some local advertising to get some clients. Outside of that and some gloves, you could develop a nice little side hustle over time.


Like I said in the beginning, this is not an exhaustive list and really only scratches the surface. The point is that if you think money should hold you back from starting a side hustle, think again. 🙂



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