How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

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quit9When I first started freelance writing, I kept getting asked about virtual assistant work as well. Apparently VA work and freelance writing often go hand in hand, but VA work? I had no idea what a virtual assistant was, much less how to make money at it.

Virtual assistants are definitely a growing need for many businesses today, and you likely already have enough online skills to learn how to make money working from home as a VA. Because there are so many different, easy ways to make money, working as a virtual assistant is one of the best work-from-home jobs to make money on the side that there is out there. Here’s how to make money as a virtual assistant.

Utilize Your Knowledge of Social Media

You probably thought your obsession with social media was just a time suck, but if you’re really good at using Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, it can be a valuable asset to online business owners who are working on growing their online presence. Put it to good use!

Social media has a huge following online, so it’s important for businesses to have a strong online presence. Promoting products on these websites takes a lot of time, and many company owners need their time spent elsewhere. They also may not have the knowledge or the time to optimize their social media profiles, so they are happy to hire that work out.

Create Appealing Images for Pinterest

Pinterest in particular has recently helped many online businesses surge ahead with their page views, and business owners want to capitalize on that. Pinterest has become huge due to its appealing images, but not everyone knows how to make a Pinterest-worthy Pin.

There are specifications to the size and look of each Pin in order to garner the most views, so if you have strong image-making skills, then you could easily turn that into a money maker.

It Could Be as Simple as Sending Out Emails

Many companies need help sending out emails such as newsletters, announcements, subscriptions, and general mass company mailings. Other smaller business owners simply need help reading and answering daily emails that don’t necessarily need immediate attention.

A virtual assistant can easily help with this need by answering everyday emails and responding on the business owner’s behalf. And the last time I checked, anyone who’s ever been on the internet knows how to send an email, so it’s probably a skill you already have.

Send Out Invoices and Handle Bookkeeping

As a freelance writer, sending out invoices is partly exciting (since I get paid), but mostly a very menial task that takes me far too long to handle. I’m also not the greatest at keeping records and organizing invoices, so I’d love to have someone else do it for me.

If you are good with numbers, organizing, and bookkeeping, you will find tons of business owners who need help on this end of things. Being a business owner doesn’t automatically mean that you know how to handle bookkeeping responsibilities, so they often hire this work out to someone who can handle it.

Editing and Proofreading

Have an eye for grammatical errors and paragraph layout? There are many websites that hire writers but also need an editor to handle such tasks as editorial calendars, post editing, and proofreading.

If you can manage an online calendar to schedule new blog posts and help freelance writers clean up their posts, then you can make money at it. As a freelance writer, I work with editors every week, so I know they are out there and getting paid for it. If you’re not a writer, but would like to become one, there are courses available that can help you get paid to write for blogs.

Start and Run a Website

Perhaps you know of a business who could use a better online presence. If you see a need, a great way to do this is to offer to build and start a blog for that company..

The best part is that you don’t have to learn how to write code to build a website. If you have already started a website or blog of your own, then you already have all of the skills that you need.

Almost Anyone Can Be A Virtual Assistant

If you are looking for a great, easy way to make extra money assess what skills you already have to see what you could offer a potential client. Just because someone owns their own website doesn’t mean they already have all the online skills they need to make it successful, so learn how to market yourself, approach some companies, and start utilizing your online skills to earn some extra money.


What are some tasks you’d love to hire out or have others help you with? How do you make money as a virtual assistant? Do you seek out work from local businesses or do you find them locally?

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