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Make Money SeriesDidn’t we tell you that Sprout Wealth was going to be all about making more money and growing your wealth?  That’s right.  Welcome to the first post in the  new Make Money Series!  I am excited about this series as it will dive into different ways to make money.  Some will be easy to do and others will be more complicated.  We can’t make everything easy for you, OK!  The make money series is going to dig into one specific way to earn money.  It can be online, offline, or even hybrid.  It doesn’t matter.  Making money is making money, as long as you do it legally. We don’t advocate or condone making money illegally.  I will leave that to you and your probation officer.  Alright, back to the topic of making more money.  In this first post, I want to talk to you about something that I do on a regular basis.  I make money by testing websites.

Make Money Evaluating Websites

Yes, people actually pay me to evaluate and test their websites.  Why?  User testing is the best way to understand how your website is working in different environments.  There are so many different computer, internet, and browser combinations that it can make creating and running a website a pain in the butt.  Trust me, I used to run an e-commerce business.  If I wasn’t dealing with customer service, then I was dealing with website issues.  Coding across multiple browsers can be time consuming.  This is where user testing comes into play.

There are a few places where you can sign up to test websites, but I have found that is the best.  They pay on time and they have a lot of jobs.  Their focus is on testing websites and mobile apps, but you can’t just sign up and expect to get paid.  They do require a test for you to complete.  Let me run down how their site works.

Signing Up

You can easily sign up here.  You just enter your email address and apply to be a tester.  They do have some rules that you will need to understand. They are:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have your own PC or Mac
  • Use their screen recording software (this software does track your mouse movements, but does not take any video)
  • Fill out a demographic information form
  • Indicate if you want to test mobile applications, along with what type of phone you have.

These rules are not overly complicated, but as I indicated, they do require a test.  Since I do make money this way, I will say that you also need a microphone of some sort. Some laptops have them built in, while others will need an external mic.  I will explain the reason for a microphone later.

The Sign Up Test wants to recruit good testers. They are paid by a large range of companies to test websites and mobile applications.  For this reason, they require that you take a test before you become part of the community.  The test is basically the same thing you would be doing on a regular basis for testing websites.  You are given a task along with specific instructions to follow.  You need to be able to speak out loud and read the tasks.  Your feedback is what you are getting paid to give, so be clear and concise.

If you want to know what a test is like, then check out this sample video.

The Payout

This is what you are really after, isn’t it?  Just so you know, you will NOT get rich quick or at all with this money making method.  It just won’t happen.  What they do offer is a $10 payout for about 15 minutes of your time.  The $10 payment is paid directly to Paypal.  They also offer $15 for mobile tests.  It is a very easy way to make $10 without having to go anywhere or buy anything.  They do tell every tester that they might not make any money from this service.  The reason is all about your demographics.  The companies that pay for their users’ feedback require specific demographics depending on their website.  If you don’t meet those requirements, then you don’t get the job.

Since I have been doing this for about a year, I have found that you need to be really quick on accepting a job.  This site has a lot of testers eagerly waiting to get a job.  They will send out emails and if you like the job, then you can take it.  Once someone takes the job, it goes away.  You now have to complete said job.  Doing so just requires about 15 minutes of your time.  You just follow the steps and then provide your verbal feedback.  The better you do with the verbal feedback, the more jobs you will get.  I detail every step that I am taking and where I am having issues.  This is really helpful for the companies.  When you do this, you will be at the top of the list for similar jobs.

If you are interested in testing websites or mobile applications for a few bucks here and there, then sign up at It is free for you and the jobs are relatively easy.

Would you test websites to make some extra money?  Is 15 minutes of your time worth $10?

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    • I would agree that $10 for 15 minutes is not bad. There is no phone testing. You do a test with your microphone and follow the test instructions. They follow your mouse movements and get your verbal feedback. When you submit it is when they look it over. It can take a day to get approved or denied into the program, but you don’t have to call anyone.

    • While similar to online surveys, the payout is much better and I actually enjoy it. There are times when I get a lot of testing and others that I don’t. It is simple work.

    • You can get some real cheap ones on Amazon. Also, check to see if your computer doesn’t have one built in. Many do, but you might not realize it. You can just borrow your husbands to make it easy. I would do that when doing the test to see if you get in the program.

  1. This sounds like something I would enjoy, thanks Grayson! One of my blogging buddies had a post about how she submitted her blog to a website to be reviewed, and I immediately was wondering if there was a way to get paid to do that. I’m looking forward to discovering new ways to make money online with this series.
    E.M. recently posted…Would You Buy A New or Old House?My Profile

    • Thanks Brent! You are correct. There are so many ways to make money on the internet. I wouldn’t snub making $30 an hour if you can. While you can’t earn a living testing websites, why not make some money here and there.

  2. I definitely think that $10 is worth 15 minutes of time. I have done secret shopping before and you get paid a similar amount of work, but it takes more time and you have to leave your home. For “smaller” jobs like this I always put it in terms of a cocktail or beer, so I would say that 15 minutes is definitely worth a 12 pack of beers.
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Women’s Power WednesdayMy Profile

    • Hey Will. I get emails of jobs every day. It would be easy to fill a few hours each week as long as you fit the demographic. Since I do a thorough job with my verbal feedback, I get a lot of requests.

  3. That is pretty cool! I didn’t know that you can get paid by just working on a website for 15 minutes.
    Unfortunately, I don’t have a PayPal so it won’t work for me. Maybe I should get one though!

    • There are always different ways to get paid out there. Having a Paypal account is crucial online. That is how I get paid for most of my work and there is nothing to setting one up.

  4. That’s an interesting way to make money. I’d never heard of “user testing” but it makes complete sense. In a way it’s similar to a focus group or being an old fashioned product tester. And $10 for 15 minutes isn’t too shabby – that’s a $40/hr pace! Too bad there’s not that many jobs to be had, but it certainly seems like an easy way to pick up some side cash.
    Mr. Utopia @ Personal Finance Utopia recently posted…A Money Mindset: Do You Have One?My Profile


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