13 Great Ways to Make Extra Money this Summer

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Make extra moneyDo you want to make extra money this summer for your summer travel plans or some other reason? Making extra money is a big part of growing your wealth though I would also argue that how you manage that money is a bigger part to growing your wealth over time. 😉

Making extra money can take on a variety of forms from things that allow you to make money quickly to things that are more involved and take time to see come to fruition. You may have found that it can be a challenge to make extra money in the summer if it’s filled with going on summer vacation, spending time outside, activities for the kids or a variety of other things.

I think you can still find ways to make the summer profitable so I’ve come up with a number of ways to make extra money this summer. Some are simple and some may require a little more work but the point is to get your creative juices flowing.

Money Making Opportunities this Summer

1. Housesitting – This is the perfect time of year to housesit as many are going on vacation. This might involve checking on their mail, watering plants, feeding animals, etc. If you line up a couple of gigs during the summer this could turn into a nice little side hustle.

2. Take surveys – You won’t get rich quick taking surveys, but they can be a nice little way to get some cash back or earn Amazon gift cards. With Swagbucks you can earn points, called SB points, that can be turned into money from taking surveys, get cash back from your normal shopping, or watch short videos, to name a few, and get money back.

You can sign up for Swagbacks here and earn an extra $5 sign-up bonus as a new member. National Consumer Panel, Vindale Research, One Opinion, Earning Station, Survey Junkie, VIP VoiceOpinion Outpost, ProOpinionPineCone Research, Reward TV, Harris Poll and Mobile Xpression are other great options to make money taking surveys.

3. Tutor – It may not be the traditional school year, but there are still parents out there looking to give their kids an edge. You can also check out local community colleges as they often hire tutors.

4. Dog Walking – This is a popular standby for many wanting to make extra money, summer or otherwise. This is another great option for those looking to cash in on helping those who might be traveling and pretty much anyone can do it.

5. Open a brokerage account – Investing in the stock market might seem like an odd way to make extra money this summer. Hear me out here…many online brokers offer promotions for you to open a new account with them and in many of those cases it comes in cold hard cash. You can open an account with Etrade and get up to $600 cash back and start saving for your future.

6. Shop Online – Believe it or not, but you can make extra money this summer shopping online. Similar to Swagbucks above, Inbox Dollars allows you to earn money by shopping online through their portal as well as playing games, searching the web and more. You won’t get rich quick, but can be a good way to earn a little more spending money. Join Inbox Dollars now and earn an extra $5 sign-up bonus for a new account.

7. Write a book – Thanks so self-publishing, virtually anyone can become an author. In fact, my wife wrote a short book for my mom a few years and has made over $1,500 by listing it on Amazon. You can self-publish through CreateSpace, as they make the process very easy and simple to manage.

8. Painting – House painting is common in my area during the summer and people spend serious money in doing so. The great thing is that it requires little in terms of skill. Just make sure you have some references as many will want to check on your work.

9. Start a blog – You may not realize it, but starting a blog can be a great way to make extra money as there are so many opportunities to earn income. If I can start a blog, then I know anyone else can as well. There are a number of costs associated with blogging, main among that is hosting. The best and cheapest option is Bluehost or HostGator. You can open an account in minutes with Bluehost for $2.95 per month, when you sign up through my link. I’ve replaced my day job through my blog so it can definitely be done.

10. Grocery Shopping – Again with the travel theme, it can be difficult to shop around vacations. Offer to do grocery shopping for neighbors the day before they return so they have a fully stocked kitchen when they come back.

11. Lifeguarding – My wife did this for a number of years as she lived in San Diego and many beaches and pools ramped up their hiring for the summer. If you have the appropriate training this can be a great way to make some extra money this summer.

12. Go Driving – I’ve written about making money driving for Uber before. If you have free time to spare, a newer car and enjoy meeting new people this can be a great way to make extra money this summer. Simply sign up to be a Uber driver and you can turn this into a profitable side hustle.

13. Sell Bottled Water – Assuming you live somewhere that gets really hot in the summer months this can be a great way to make some extra money. You can often find cases of bottled water at Costco or Wal-Mart for $5 or $6. Set yourself up in highly trafficked areas or outside sporting events, just make sure you’re within right to do this, and you could make a killing at it.

5 Bonus Ways to Make Extra Money This Summer

1. Yard Work – This is a staple in terms summer money making. I know kids in our neighborhood who get at least $20-25 per yard mowed. That can turn into some serious money if you do it enough this summer. Beyond cutting grass, you can do other things like gardening, weed pulling, raking leaves and a variety of other things.

2. Washing Cars – This is another simple yet common way to make extra money during the summer. This can be done on your own or with a few friends and by offering something else like detailing this could be a great summer gig.

3. Get Rid of Your Crap – Selling items on Craiglist can be a great way to make extra cash. You can sell your stuff on Craigslist, Ebay or even a garage sale. If you’re like us you have too much crap as it is and this can be a great way to make a little extra money this summer. Plus, you get rid of your crap…double bonus!

4. Child Care – Think beyond babysitting. Parents spend hundreds of dollars during the summer to send their kids to camp. Offer an alternative where you care for the kids for the week and do things with them around the house and neighborhood. If you price it right you could make a good bit of money during the summer.

5. Stage Homes – Summer is home buying season. A house is usually more likely to sell when it’s staged so prospective buyers can see themselves living in it. If you have decorative skills this can be a great way to make some extra money this summer. As with the painting, having references can help a lot with getting these gigs.

I know this list just scratches the surface, but the point is there are many ways you can make extra cash this summer. The key is to keep your eyes open for opportunities and then turn around and monetize them. If you can take that extra money and put it to work for you then even better!

What are some of your favorite ways to make money in the summer? What’s one thing you’d hire out during the summer if you could?


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  1. I just read a press release from Uber on how much their drivers make- it can be some serious cash! All you need is a four door sedan and to be over 23 to apply. They do a background/driver record check- but once those get approved you are good to go. Depending on the times you drive you can make $30/hr + – I just did a blog post on it- check it out- could be a great way to make some side hustle cash!
    Julie @MillennialCents recently posted…It may be time to quit my day jobMy Profile

  2. Yard work is a huge way to make money in the summer, especially if you own your own lawn mower and you know of communities with older residents who are on a budget and may not want to pay a more expensive provider. I was shocked at how much people charged in my community and it was literally just for mowing.
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Music Mondays – CompassMy Profile

  3. These are great ideas. I take in dogs over the summer while their owners are on holiday.. I can make £20 per night per dog. It’s piece of mind for the owner, It’s doggie company for my own dog, and a nice little earner for me. Everyone’s a winner!

  4. My boyfriend did some yard work for one of my grandma’s friends two summers ago. She paid nicely! On top of that, she was moving shortly, so he made some money helping with that as well. My parents live in a 55+ community, and I’m sure we could get some extra money helping residents out there. I’d love to get into dog sitting and house sitting, too.
    E.M. recently posted…May Budget ReviewMy Profile

  5. Some really great ideas! I don’t have time to make extra money this summer with my two jobs but my mum and dad do housesitting in the UK for extra cash. They are retired but enjoy doing it just to see the mansions they get to take care of. Apparently mum says they are out of this world. I believe it. The money isn’t much but it gets them out of the house when they aren’t travelling.
    Canadian Budget Binder recently posted…Would you go back if you forgot your groceries? : The Grocery game challenge June 2-8, 2014My Profile

  6. House sitting is a very needed service. If you can get some good reference, I bet that could almost be a full time job in the summer or around holidays. When I finally leave the optometry life, I think I’ll house or pet sit. Right now, I would pay someone to wash my windows. That’s on tap for this weekend, and I am dreading it more each day!
    Kim recently posted…You Can’t Pay Off Debt With ExcusesMy Profile

  7. A couple of months ago, in a storm, the felt blew off my shed roof. It had been getting old and tatty for a few years but I never quite got around to replacing it. So as soon as the weather broke I investigated the process, bought the equipment and re-did my roof. Actually, it looked like quite a professional job to my eyes.

    As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one to think that – and since then I’ve had a surprising number of people offering to pay me to re-felt their roofs when I have time!
    Richard @ http://www.TechToucan.com recently posted…Niche Site Update #1 – May 2014My Profile

  8. I’m hoping to teach some more volleyball, and maybe if there is time start doing some “extra” work for films. We’ll see about the second one. 🙂 If I get better at wordpress I might expand my services there as well.

  9. Some great ideas! I have started tutoring and I’m able to get away with charging $40/hour! Hard to beat that 🙂

  10. I know this sounds crazy, but selling golf balls is a great way to raise ,obey. You won’t be rich, but sell just 10 balls a day, for a dollar each, and boom, that’s 700$. But you will probably end up selling more than 10 a day. I’m just a kid, so this is great for me!

  11. Great post. I’ve done a lot of housesitting in the past. It’s a great way to make some extra money, and I even felt like I was on vacation being in someone else’s home. So, it’s kind of like getting paid to spend time away from home. It’s a great thing. People should really give it a try if they want to make some extra money.
    Beth @ The Money Pixie recently posted…Step One of How to Start a Blog – Deciding What You Want to Blog AboutMy Profile


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