How Do You Make Money?

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Make MoneyThose of you who follow me over at Frugal Rules know I’m in the middle of our three week vacation to San Diego. In fact, I’m writing this prior to the trip while looking forward to the stories I’ll be able to share from driving nearly 3,500 miles, roundtrip, with our six, four and two year old children. Holiday Road anyone? 😉

Anyway, back to today’s post. Since today is the day after Labor Day I wanted to keep things a little on the light side and share this short little infographic I found over at The infographic is loosely based around how you make money, especially in today’s digital age.

Seeing as you’re reading this on a blog it’s safe to say that you’re somewhat comfortable with technology. Like it or not, it’s all around us. Heck my wife and I run a business from our home that is largely tech driven. We could go weeks, if not months, without physically seeing a client and still be making money like usual. I know we’re not the only ones as there are millions of freelancers, solopreneurs and small business owners in the U.S.

Make Money Through Connections

What I liked about this infographic is that I’ve seen it happen time and again. It can be easy to just rely on digital mediums for business. In fact, I don’t think you can use it enough. It’s an incredibly vital way to make more money and grow a budding business. However, what I’ve found in my time being a business owner is that it’s the personal connection that often wins the business. That connection can happen digitally, but is taken to another level when done on the personal level. There is just something the personal connection has that digital can’t replace.

This isn’t to say that you should avoid digital methods to get new work, meet new clients or to network. I’m not saying that by any means. But, what I am saying, is to do both. Don’t overlook either. In fact, as we’ve spoken about here on Sprout wealth quite a bit, you want to diversify. Diversification is going to work in affiliate marketing, investing in the stock market and yes even in trying to make money and earning new client work.

So, the moral of the story today is to think outside the box and implement a personal approach and you’ll likely be surprised at how that can help you make money.


Making Money the Old Fashioned Way

by MOO.



What challenges do you face when meeting potential new clients or jobs face to face? How quickly do you follow up with a new contact? Are you able to make in person connections with your side gigs or clients?




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  1. I’ve definitely found mixed results meeting work contacts in real life for the first time.

    Obviously, working together in-person puts you on a firmer footing with one another. But it definitely takes my clients a moment to realize that I, a twenty-something petite woman, am fueling the strategy on what could be a multi-million dollar project. It’s thrown off more than one of my clients, and frankly, a few have initially refused to talk with me directly, thinking of me as an assistant rather than an analyst.

    Therefore, while I definitely try to follow up with my contacts ASAP digitally, I’m none too eager to really push face-to-face meetings.
    Taylor Lee recently posted…Should People Have To Work To Live?My Profile

  2. I have built a 14 year career on personal connections. I am a people person and love people, and it is amazing what networking and people skills can do for your business whether you work for a company or work for yourself. People like to do business with people they like. I think a big mistake some people make is not asking for business from people they know. It is not enough to just network and get to know people, at some point, you do have to ask for help or business. If people like you, it won’t be a burden and they will want to help.
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Music Mondays – Ready Set RollMy Profile

  3. I feel everything is about customer service. Instead of branding and marketing, what if you turned everything in to education, relationship and value. People desire long-term stable relationships whether it’s their own family or with work. If you can create your own value and relationships you are going a long ways. Sometimes we get too focused on making the sell instead of creating the strong relationship that will always make the sell because of the value we offer others.
    Lance @ Healthy Wealthy Income recently posted…Yes I Admit It, I Have a Problem With Your Success in LifeMy Profile


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