Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card Review

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Hawaiian Airlines credit cardIf you’re looking to go to Hawaii, then the Hawaiian Airlines credit card could be a great way for you to get there for relatively cheap. Both Grayson and I love to travel and part of maximizing your finances is using credit cards wisely so you can earn rewards. What we like about the Hawaiian Airlines Mastercard is that it can get you one free ticket to the islands. That’s not bad in my book.

As I was researching for this article I found that the average ticket price to Hawaii was just over $600, as of 2012. My completely unscientific research of flying from our home airport of Omaha came back to being around $800 per ticket. That is something I’d want to avoid altogether. So, if you’re looking to travel to Hawaii hopefully our Hawaiian Airlines credit card review will show how you can get there for considerably less.

Before I start though, I will give the disclaimer that if you’re struggling with paying off debt or are tempted to overspend then churning credit cards is not for you. No free trip or cash back is worth it – plain and simple. With that out of the way let’s get on with the review of the Hawaiian Airlines card.

What I Like About the Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

Low minimum spend. I love this feature about the Hawaiian Airlines credit card. You need to spend $1,000 within the first 90 days to get the bonus miles. Whereas you need to spend $3,000 on the Barclaycard Arrival, you only need the $1,000 on the Barclays Hawaiian card. That should be fairly simple for most to reach.

You Earn 35,000 bonus miles. By meeting the minimum spend on the Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite Mastercard® you earn 35,000 bonus miles. A coach ticket to Hawaii requires 40,000 miles, but as a cardholder you get a 5,000 mile discount. Thus, you get a free coach ticket to Hawaii!

You can get double the miles. Say what? The Hawaiian Airlines credit card comes both in a personal and business version. The benefits are exactly the same and if you own a legitimate business you can apply for both and get double the miles. I don’t have a link for the business version, but it’s available all the same. 🙂

One time 50% off ticket. With the Hawaiian Airlines credit card you get a one-time 50% off companion ticket. This is a pretty sweet deal as you can fly yourself and a partner to Hawaii for basically half the price of one ticket.

First checked bag is free. This is pretty self-explanatory. You can check one bag, for yourself, for free. This is a savings of $50 instead of spending it on a crazy fee. Please keep in mind you must purchase the ticket directly from Hawaiian Air to qualify for this.

$100 off companion ticket. With each anniversary date of having the Hawaiian Air credit card you get a free $100 off companion ticket. This is a nice little feature to have.

You earn 2X miles on all Hawaiian Air purchases. This is honestly pretty standard, but you earn double miles on all Hawaiian Air purchases and 1X miles on all other purchases.

Chip and Signature technology. This is being added to more cards, but the Hawaiian Airlines credit card has chip and signature technology that will help if you travel internationally.

You can earn even more. The final thing I love about the Hawaiian Airlines Mastercard is that you can earn up to 10X points with selected partners. You can find those partnerships here.

What I Don’t Like About the Hawaiian Airlines Mastercard

No credit card is perfect and the Hawaiian Airlines credit card is no different. There are a few things I wish I could change about the card, such as:

There is an annual fee. The Hawaiian Airlines card carries an annual fee of $89. This annual fee is not waived the first year either. I don’t like annual fees, but when taking a look at the value received I believe the card is worth it. The other thing to consider is the $100 off companion ticket offered at each anniversary. That basically negates the fees in my opinion.

You only qualify for one free ticket. I know, I’m being greedy here but I’d love it if the Hawaiian Air credit card were to offer two free tickets. I guess I can’t complain too much, especially as you do get the one-time 50% off companion ticket.

Who Should Get the Hawaiian Air Credit Card

Now that we’ve taken a somewhat balanced view of the Hawaiian Airlines credit card, who should get it? Whereas other rewards cards may just be for generic travel, this is for a specific destination or area as they also fly to numerous Asian cities. With that in mind, I think the Hawaiian Airlines credit card is perfect for those looking to travel to Hawaii and looking to do so for relatively nothing.

The other nice thing about the card is that miles can also be transferred to the Hilton Honors program with a 1 to 1.5 payout. If you’re really looking to maximize your points you could work it to even further reduce the cost of your trip by also using the companion pass. Regardless of how you try to work the points, the Hawaiian Airlines credit card can be a great card to churn if you’re looking to travel to Hawaii in the near future.

Have you ever been or are you now looking to go to Hawaii? What credit cards are you currently churning? We want to know!



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    • I can understand your thinking Jayson. I don’t like annual fees either. However, when you look at it in this case, you’re paying $89 for at least one plane ticket that would cost you $600 or more to get. That’s a pretty great value in my opinion. Additionally, if you’re paying your bill in full (which you should be doing anyway) they’re getting nothing from you in terms of interest.
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