Happy New Year and Our Top 5 Posts of 2014!

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Happy New YearHappy New Year everyone!  Can you believe it’s 2015 already?  Today is a new year and it’s time to start thinking about your money in a new way.  John and I started Sprout Wealth this year in hopes to lead people to the ways to earn more money. As indicated by the name of the site, we had hopes to show people how to grow their wealth.  I can say this year has been great for the site. We have seen the site grow over time and morph into a place where people can learn how to actually make money.  Our money making methods are tried and true.

John wrote an excellent post this week showing you how to make money in the new year. Well, it’s the new year people, so you better jump on the ball and get the money making methods working.  It’s time to practice what we have shown you over the time we have been writing on this site.  In the spirit of the new year, I decided to show you our top 5 posts in terms of popularity.  These are great posts and can help you start the new year off right.

1.) 5 Best Investing Books For Beginners

This post is just what is shows. It breaks down the five best investing books for beginners. I have read most of them, but there are one or two on there I had not read. John is the investing guy on Sprout Wealth, so he put together an awesome list for beginners. I know investing can be scary for many (it was for me), but with these books in hand, you can understand more about the process and feel better about it.

If you want to start investing in 2015, and I suggest you do, then think about starting an online brokerage account.  We suggest checking out our reviews on Motif Investing, Scottrade, and TradeMONSTER.

2.) How to Start Investing With $1,000 or Less

Hmm…There seems to be a trend here.  People like to know how to start investing. That’s a really good sign in my opinion.  One of the big barriers most people think they face is investing with little money.  How can one start investing with such a small amount?  Is is even possible?  Well, it’s not only possible, but we show you exactly how you can do it with less than $1,000.  If you want to start investing your money and watching it grow, then you need to get started now.  If you have less than $1,000 to start with, then read this post and get started already!

3.) 13 Great Ways to Make Extra Money this Summer

I realize it’s not the summer time, but these tips can be translated to different parts of the year.  You can use them to start making money now and then have enough in the summer to take a nice vacation.  There are 13 great ways to earn some side income, but some do require some warmer weather, like lifeguarding.  Don’t be afraid to get a part time to job in order to grow your wealth.  It takes a hustle to move the money needle north.  Trust me, I have been hustling for years and have just started to see the real fruits of my labor.  Use one of these 13 ways this year and enjoy the extra money!

4.) 12 Great Ways to Make Extra Money Before Christmas

Our readers really enjoyed this post and I can see why. Christmas time is the biggest shopping seasons of the year.  You see everyone going a little crazy with their shopping and buying gifts for their loved ones.  Christmas can also be a stressful time for those who don’t have enough money to buy gifts. Well, this post brought out 12 things you can do to earn extra money just before Christmas hit. Since Christmas is over and gone, you might think these tips are worthless. Well, they are not.  Some of the tips are specifically geared toward the holidays, but there are others which break down legitimate ways to earn cash in the Fall and Winter season.

5.) A Freelancer’s Guide to Making Money

Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn money. Everyone has a skill, but most don’t know they can charge for said skill. When you hear “freelancer”, what do you think?  Well, I can say the first time I heard about freelancing, all I thought it was about was writing.  I thought most freelancers were just hired writers, but I learned that wasn’t the case.  Freelancing is all about earning money while not on the payroll for a company or person. You are an independent contractor, making money with your specified skill.

Freelancers can be bookkeepers, tax accountants, writers, programmers, designers, assistants, and many other professions you might not think of. This post shows you how to make money as a freelancer. It’s a general guide which provides some background and tips on freelancing your way to sweet money!

Well, there you have it friends.  There are the top five posts on Sprout Wealth for 2014. They all have to do with money in some way, as is our mission here.  It appears most people want to learn about investing, so if you do, check out the top two posts.  They provide a wealth of knowledge and can help you in your effort to jump on the investing train.

2014 was a great year, but we look forward to 2015 and all of the wealth and opportunities it may bring. Stay tuned with us through this year as we show you more ways to earn money, invest, and grow your wealth going into 2016!

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  1. Congratulations on having so many great articles in 2014. I really like reading about sneaky tips and tricks to make money, but especially stuff like how to start investing with only $1000 – something I think many people ate interested in.

    I wish you every success for 2015,

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