My Favorite Way to Make Extra Money

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Favorite Way to Make MoneyJohn and I have written quite a few times about how to earn money this way and that.  We have a whole category just for making money!  Needless to say, we enjoy making those pieces of paper whenever we can.  I was thinking the other day about all of my money making ideas over the years.  I have done quite a lot.  Some were good and others were terrible.  Luckily for me, I just keep coming up with idea after idea.  Now if I can only find the time to make them all work.  Anyway, I figured I would share with you my favorite way to make money.

I Thrive in Services

You might think I was going to say blogging was my favorite way to earn money. While I do love blogging and think it can be awesome for many, it is not my favorite way to earn extra money.  If you are interested in blogging, then check out our how to start a blog guide.  PS. you can even hire me to setup your blog for free!

What I have found over the years is I thrive when I offer people services.  I have worked in retail for many years, but I have also owned my own business, and even collected debt.  I work hard to make sure people are satisfied with my level of service.  I don’t think good customer service is dead, but it is becoming harder to find these days.  Just check out my latest run in with two companies.

When you offer a service to other people, then you have to be more accountable for what you provide.  Most of my clients come from word of mouth. I don’t advertise much and that is because when word of mouth is working right, then customers keep coming.  Yes, there are many ways to earn money without offering a service, but I find it more rewarding.

When someone emails me because their site is having issues, and I can fix it for them quickly, then I get my satisfaction knowing I helped that customer out.  I also hope my service was good enough to have them come back when other issues arise.

My Latest Money Making Endeavor

I have been working behind the scenes for some time slowly building a service company for people wanting to run blogs and websites.  Ever since I started blogging, I have learned more about the people starting blogs.  I also have grown my reputation for fast service and quality service.  Since I love running a service business, I decided to relaunch my old company, iMark Interactive, and offer these services again.  I will be offering freelancing writing, blog management, WordPress installation, website hosting migrations, and domain registrar moving. On top of those basic services, I will also be offering custom work on websites for little tweaks, changes, and fixes that might need to be done.

I am really excited about earning money this way.  I get to control how much work I take on and the money can be limitless depending on how I set things up.  While most of my money is earned with online endeavors, I never rule out going offline again, like when I had a mobile detailing company.

The key to this article is to show you there are so many ways to earn extra money.  No matter what your passion is, try to see if you can earn money from it.  If you use the excuse that you can’t make money from this or that, then you never will. Try it out and see where it goes. Never be afraid of trying your hand at something.  I have a huge notebook of money making ideas that I put down in order of importance and viability.


What is your favorite way to make extra money?

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  1. I am in my second retirement and live a “retire early and often” lifestyle which means I am always open to money making opportunity as long as it is something aligned with my passions and interest. I stay networked with my professional contacts for consulting gigs (Telecom Voice/Cable Video). I am picky and they understand that. In a previous life many years ago I had a successful Tax practice in another State than I live in now. I am currently going through the process of restarting in that field. I did really enjoy that and especially now as an early retiree like the idea that you only work your A55 off a short time of the year and then it slows to a very reasonable pace.
    LeisureFreak Tommy recently posted…Change to a Passion Driven LifeMy Profile

  2. Good luck with your relaunch! I used to work as a VA way back before it was trendy to be a VA. It was a good way to make extra money while I was in school.
    Tre recently posted…FranchisingMy Profile

  3. I always enjoy selling some junk around my house. But, before I started doing it off and on I made sure to buy shipping and packaging supplies. If you don’t have it on hand you can go nuts trying to find all the stuff you’re missing just to ship a package.
    John McKinney recently posted…Level term life insurance quoteMy Profile

  4. You could also try starting your own Network Marketing business. My friend Levy wanted to make extra money from home.

    • That would be extremely difficult to do. I would normally allow links in your comment Aldo, but your friend is not running their own networking business. They are just an independent contractor for FLP.


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