3 Ways to Earn $100 per Hour

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6355814243_315b0621ce_bWhen I created my vision board for my financial and personal goals over a year ago, one of my goals was to earn at least $100 per hour. At first, it sounded like a very far-fetched goal. I was only earning $15 per hour at my entry-level full-time job when I wrote that down, and realize that sometimes it takes people years of experience to earn $20-$30 per hour depending on the field.

However, I saw and heard of other people earning $100 per hour or more regularly by doing legitimate work. I knew it was possible, and I didn’t sabotage my own progress by casting those people as ‘out of my league’ or believing that I didn’t have skills and talents that were similar to theirs.

If you don’t have a degree or years of experience under your belt, there are still quite a few legitimate ways to earn $100 per hour.

Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of my personal favorite ways to earn extra money. If you want to earn good money fast from writing, you will probably want to write for a blog with a client who can afford to pay higher rates for posts.

Writing marketing material, courses, books, etc. is also a great way to diversify your freelance writing tasks, but the quickest assignments in my opinion are blog posts that are 1,000 words or less. If you are a disciplined writer and choose a niche that you are very familiar with, you may be able to draft a quality blog post in an hour or less easily.

Then all you’ll need to do is find a client who can afford to pay you at least $100 per post or $150 per post to account for extra time you may need to spend proofreading and editing.

The great thing about freelance writing is that you can earn that type of money without having a special degree. All you need to do is improve your writing skills so you can meet your client’s needs and build up your experience over the course of just a few months. If you start out with a lower rate, you can always increase it over time and pitch blogs that are for medium to large-sized businesses or that seem to hire a significant amount of staff writers.

You can also take advantage of your network and see if your friends or colleagues know anyone who may be hiring quality writers for their business’ website or blog. I found my first client that paid $100 per 600-word post last year after connecting with a fellow blogger online who happened to be an editor for a large financial website. If you’re interested in becoming a freelance writer, check out Cat’s course to help get you started making money writing online.

Personal Development Coach

Personal development coaches like life coaches generally make a minimum of $100 per hour. If you are interested in serving others and helping them meet their goals, you could become a certified coach. Even if you don’t want to obtain a certification, you can try your hand at being a self-taught coach and help people overcome an obstacle you were once faced with and overcame.

There are many different kinds of coaches including business coaches, fitness coaches, communication coaches, leadership development coaches and so on. As long as you are motivating your clients, offering unprecedented value and pushing them to succeed and reach their goals, a starting rate of $100 per hour is suitable to charge and people will be willing to pay that amount of money for your services too in order to experience positive results.

Start a Blog to Earn $100 Per Hour

Starting a blog requires lots of passion and hard work upfront. You won’t be able to start monetizing your blog well to earn at least $100 per hour until you increase the amount visitors you have coming in each day. Once you have a lot of traffic, you can convert that to income by promoting helpful products and services as an affiliate to gain commissions, posting ads on your site in a non-spammy way, and partnering with other brands to market their business and message on your platform as long as you stand firmly behind it.

Earning money from blogging is not so cut and dry and the amount of work you put in may not always be reflected by what you earn.

The best way to track your blog income and determine how much you are earning per hour is track your time when completing blogging tasks each day or week, then calculate how much you earned at the end of the month.

If you spend 2 hours working on an affiliate post to promote a product or service you like and earn $350 in affiliate sales after your audience reads your post, you’ve earned about $175 in two hours.

If you earn $200 in passive income from clicks on ads you placed on your site months ago, you literally earned $200 in less than an hour and put forth very little effort to earn that money.

And if you accept a sponsored guest post written by a brand you’ve admired and partnered with for $150 and it took you only 30 minutes to proofread the post and put it up on your blog, you’ve earned more than $100 in less than an hour.

As you can see, with blogging the income you earn may vary, but once you build a strong and dedicated following and have lots of traffic coming in through your site, earning $100 per hour is just the beginning. It can be very simple to start a blog it’s the building it that takes time. If the technical aspect scares you, Bluehost offers one-click WordPress installation to get you started. If you sign up through my Bluehost link, you get hosting for $3.95 per month and a free domain name.

Scale Up and Find People who Can Afford your Services

Now that I’ve debunked the myth that earning $100 per hour is hard or impossible, it’s important to realize that once you find a way to earn this rate of pay that interests you, you’ll need to scale up and expand your work if you want to see the true benefits. For example, if you earn $100 per post freelance writing but only write five posts per month, you won’t be earning that much to cover your expenses even though you’ll be spending less time.

On the other hand, if you choose to coach others and expand your client list, charge a fixed rate of $100 per hour and work 20 hours per week with six clients, that’s $2,000 per week. Or, if you create a new resource or market your blog to attract more readers so you can charge advertisers more, you’ll earn even more from your blog than just a few hundred dollars each month.

The key is to scale up. Find people who can afford your services and see the value in it. Trust me, there are many people who pay more than $100 for products and services that are pretty silly or meaningless. You just need to find the people who need what you have to offer and have a stable income allowing them to be able to afford it.


What ways could you earn $100 per hour? How would you go about finding your target audience?

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