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Life is about more than work and work is about more than collecting a paycheck. Income equals freedom and for far too many of us, we’re willing to grind it out in jobs that by themselves, won’t provide the income we need to do the things we want to do.

Financial independence is not only the key to achieving many of our dreams, it becomes possible once we start thinking creatively about ways we can grow our income and expand our assets with what we already have.

Sprout Wealth is an online resource for teaching you how to grow your income or expand your assets with what you already have. We explore a wide variety of ways to earn extra income. Those ways include avenues as traditional as investing to ones more novel like side hustles, monetizing your skills and talents, starting a blog, freelancing and even selling stuff on eBay.

Behind the Scenes of Sprout Wealth

Sprout Wealth was started by two personal finance bloggers committed to building additional revenue streams in their lives AND sharing that knowledge with others so they can do the same. Through Sprout Wealth,  John Schmoll helps empower you to take charge of your income earning power.


John and PerryJohn Schmoll

While I started this site with my good friend and fellow blogger Grayson Bell, in February of 2015 I took it over as the sole owner of the site. If I’ve learned anything over the course of my life and career, I’ve become convinced that building wealth is a journey. It’s not a sprint and it doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, it takes a lifetime to build wealth that can fund not only your dreams and goals but the dreams and goals of your children and grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

I know how hard it is to grow wealth. I haven’t always made wise financial decisions; I graduated college with $25,000 in credit card debt because I didn’t understand the importance of being living within my means. Today, as a Dad, MBA grad, and veteran of the financial services industry, I’ve gained knowledge and experience that have taught me how to not only live wisely but think creatively when it comes to earning income. I’ve freed myself of the notion of depending on only one income source to build my wealth and have bought in to the notion of building wealth through a variety of revenue sources.

My hope is that you will learn how to do the same and through Sprout Wealth, achieve the financial independence you need to power your dreams and the dreams of those you love for generations to come.