Here Are 101 Ways to Earn Money From Home

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make money from homeYou know we are all about making some cheddar here on Sprout Wealth.  We love it and that is what this site is all about.  So, when a fellow blogger told me they were releasing an e-book about ways to make money from home, I had to read it.  Luckily for me and you, the blogger obliged to my request for a copy and is allowing me to review her book on the blog.  Now, before you get too excited, this e-book does cost money.  It isn’t much, but it comes with a fee.  That being said, there are 101 ways to legitimately make money in this thing.  I read every one of them and all of them are truly legitimate. Some are better than others.  Some take more time than others, but they all can earn you money from home.  Love the concept?  Good!

Want to Make Money at Home?  Here are 101 Ways!

I am pretty sure this is everyone’s dream.  Working from home and bringing in some cash.  Now, before I give you the insights into some of the ways this e-book contains, I will say that working from home is just like a job. If you are serious about earning extra money and pulling in that dough, you need to work from home just like a job.  That is the only way to do it.  You have to hustle.  Sorry to be a downer, but it is true. If you want to earn money without doing the work, then keep scratching those lottery tickets.  It’s the only other way!

The 101 ways to make money from home was written by blogger Hayley. She is the creative mastermind behind Disease Called Debt.  She has a good story, which she briefly includes in the introduction of the e-book.  It gives a little background about her, especially about her desire to be a stay-at-home mom while earning money.  Those are lofty goals, but she is working hard to achieve them.  Give her credit there folks.

She starts the ways to make money with blogging.  As John and I both know, you can earn money by blogging.  If you want to start a blog, I can set it up for free.  Check out my business site to learn more.  While there are people making money blogging, don’t think this is a get rich quick kind of gig.  It takes time, and money to get started.  There are millions of other bloggers, so work to find a niche and carve out a name for yourself.

Here are a few of the other opportunities Hayley points out in her e-book. I am not going to give you all of them.

  • Customer Service Rep – Did you know big companies like Apple hire reps to work from home?  Yes, you can be a customer service rep for a legitimate company all while wearing pajamas!
  • Restore/Repair Furniture – My buddy actually does this and he earns some good money. If you are good with your hands and can repair things, think about doing this.
  • eBook Publishing – If you have some great ideas and topics you like to write about, think about writing a few ebooks. You can put them up on Amazon and charge a fee.  If you have good books, then you can start earning some passive income.
  • Product Reviewer – I have done this for years. There are companies which will send you products to review and then pay you for your opinion.  You have to have good communication skills, but you also can get some free stuff!
  • Rent Your Car – I wrote about this on Sprout Wealth a few months ago. There are many services out there which allow you to rent out your car for money.  It is a nice way to supplement your income if you don’t use your car that often.
  • Rent a Friend – This one is an idea I never thought existed. You can actually be rented out as a friend.  Yes, there are people who want to rent a friend to attend an event and they pay you.  Very cool concept!

Alright, that there is the sneak peek of the 101 ways to earn money from home.  I think Hayley did a great job putting these together.  Most ideas she explains and provides you with more information about how to pursue them.  If you have been looking for ways to earn extra money, then check out this e-book.  It has excellent reviews on Amazon and is only $2.99 (for now!).  You can have the book paid for within a few hours if you just use one or two of the ideas in the book.  Seriously, go get it and learn how to make the money while staying at home.

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  1. I found your link through Frugal Rules on tumblr! Thanks for the article about this book. I am new to blogging and ebooks and wondered if I purchase the ebook from amazon, can I read it on my netbook?I don’t have a kindle or the like. When I get ebooks from the library, I can read them on my netbook, but wasn’t sure how this works with amazon? thank you!
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